2016 Cross Country

Clarke Gardens race report

On Sunday morning the mud lovers of the club took part in the first race of the Cross Country season at Clarke Gardens in Liverpool hosted by Penny Lane.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day with the sun out and little wind 7 members tackled the twisting different course with very little mud. Afterwards it was off for the sandwiches at the Cheshire Lines club down the road and the count the positions for the results and a good old chat.



93rd Steve Spencer (welcome to the club)

176th Ian McNeil

188th Ian Davies

217th Andy Waring

245th Ian Sneddon

271st James Downey


105th Lyn Ebbrell


Also 2nd claim 70th Steve Harrison (1st Claim Village) other runners Hamsin/Polly who ran as guests.


We could do with more support especially in the ladies team …



2015/2016 Race reports below

Race reports 2015/2016 Results
Clarke Gardens


On a warm but misty morning the mud lovers started the series of 6 Cross Country races at Clarke gardens in Liverpool meeting up with our friends from the clubs across the North West.  With over 300 taking part the field took a while to spread out before the muddy paths and again the challenges of the heavy going took its toll, but we rose to the challenge.

No ladies however Kate who accompanied Ian McNeil took part and rose to the challenge -perhaps not the slip but I’m told mud is good for you just a struggle to get off when dry. Getting some extra training to full fitness Matt Rose and Joe Johnson took on the course set by Penny Lane Striders.

On a good note as we score with our friends at Pensby the ladies team are in 1st position after the first race, so well done to them.

Well done to those who took part in the new race at Norton Priory.

Patrik Corrigan 85th


Ian McNeil 130th

Ian Davies 152nd

Andy Waring 172nd

Steve Saunders 179th

Ian Sneddon 187th

Stadt Moers Park


In the Cross Country at Stadt Moers park at Knowsley our sole runner was Steve Saunders who came in 159th position.  Also ran old club members and friends Hamsin and Polly, sadly Ian McNeil is out with a bad back.

Steve Saunders 159th
Beacon Park


“And if only I could make a deal with God and get him to swap our places.” I doubt whether Kate Bush was inspired to write the sublime Running Up That Hill after slipping and sliding her way around Beacon Park on a cold but calm Sunday morning. I’m sure her inspiration came from a far more ethereal place. However, there were times on Sunday over the course of 4.5 miles I wished I could have been somewhere or someone else.

Still, I and (incredibly) nearly 350 other runners skipped the chance to go to mass or catch up with the Coronation Street omnibus show and chose instead to take on the trials and tribulations offered up by an undulating and very muddy Beacon Park.

This particular race is for me the toughest yet paradoxically most enjoyable run of the Cross Country series.

Although the going was heavy – in every sense, conditions were perfect for running. Calm, clear and not too cold.

The course may have been altered but the pain remains the same!! With almost constant ‘peaks and troughs’ throughout, energy sapping conditions underfoot and a sharp but thankfully short sting in the tail climb to finish, it was with some relief and satisfaction that the finish line was crossed and the race completed.

Well done to each of the BAC runners who represented and competed so resolutely for their club.

Finally, a big thank you to Steve Saunders and all volunteers/marshals who made this and all other races in the series possible.

Patrik Corrigan 83rd


Ian McNeill 138th

Steve Saunders 180th

Town Park 


After all the rain and the temperature dropping to near freezing it made conditions fun and very challenging, the big puddles and the glue type mud, then the ski slope hill – nightmare.

Guest runners included Hamsin / Polly and Kate

Well done to all who took part in running and helping marshal the Dave Phillips run this morning.  After the meal last night both would have been a challenge, thanks to Pauline and all who made last night a success – have to practice some English / double dutch!!!

Ian McNeil 140th


Andy Waring 169th

Steve Saunders 173rd

Ian Sneddon 189th

Arrowe Park


On a wet Sunday morning the club members who can’t afford a spa enjoyed the mud of Arrowe park and what a challenge it was.  A well worn course marshalled by our friends from Pensby tested every inch of the 4.????? miles, a good test for the legs  as well as mind!

Thanks to Norman for cheering us on and to Kate / Hamsin / Polly for taking part.

Patrik Corrigan 83rd


Ian McNeil 123rd

Steve Saunders 164th

Andy Waring 174th

Ian Davies 188th

Ian Sneddon 191st



Today the mud lovers attended the last of the Cross Country races at Birchwood, Warrington and was it a good test of the legs and stamina.  Some one mentioned en route to the venue what an attraction the XC was, think he still had a belly full of lager!!  It was nice to meet up with Steve Harrison who has joined us mainly to complete in the Borders League.  Anyway 4 laps of a muddy and wet course, the challenge was on even getting through the lake that just got more difficult each lap, it stayed dry for the duration – a bonus.

Steve was 35th but is 1st claim with the Village so is representing them in the XC.

Sadly Patrik Corrigan did not finish as lost a shoe on the first lap but gave us great support, another who thought it was tough was Kate a friend of Ian Mc.

Overall BAC / Pensby male 9th, female 7th none from BAC.

Ian McNeil 97th


Ian Davies 108th

Steve Saunders 121st

Andy Waring 130th

Ian Sneddon 143rd


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