Multi Terrain

During September the club takes part in the Multi Terrain series. There are four races during September, taking place across the Wirral. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other running clubs around the area, but most of all, it’s a fantastic experience. TO quote one of our runners:

“if you could bottle this feeling that I have right now, and sell it, you’d be very rich”

– Katrina, approximately 20 seconds after the Royden Park race

Keep your eyes open for the next Multi Terrain dates and make sure you don’t miss out!

The dates for the Multi Terrain series on each Tuesday night during September are as follows

4th Sept – Royden Park – 1900

11th Sept – Harrison Drive – 1900

18th Sept – Thurstaston – 1830

25th Sept – Arrowe Park – 1830

Entry is still only £1 per runner in each race, club colours to be worn.

Remember when attending that some of the venues have parking charges and please don’t use the Derby Pool car park on the 11th Sept, note the change due to a high tide on the 18th Sept which is at the same time as the start but its level is low. (we’ll see) it is Multi-Terrain.

The last race we have to mashall and have 4 token issuers at the finish and a tail runner. More nearer the time.