Regular events in which we participate include Borders League, Multi Terrain, Cross Country. The club arranges a few events for its members, these are the Club Handicaps (Summer / Winter), the Tony Bobby Memorial 5k at the Bebington Oval and our very popular summer runs.

Our site has pages each for Borders League, Multi Terrain and Cross Country where you can find more information on these events. If you view our website using a computer, you will be able to see the dates for these events on the right hand side of each page of our website.

There are also have pages for our own club arranged events, such as the Handicaps, the Tony Bobby Memorial 5k and our summer runs.

In addition to these events, we support the Wirral Seaside Runs and Parkruns and many other local (and not so local!) events.  Keep an eye out for news about races entered by club members, the best places to find this out is Facebook, Twitter and having a chat with fellow club members.