Club handicaps

2017 Handicap dates
6 January 2018, Winter Handicap

Summer handicap 2017 – Congratulations to our winners!
Winner: Maureen Edwards
Fastest male: Andy Wareing
Fastest lady: Lyn Ebbrell

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Pos   Name
1           Maureen Edwards
2           Rachael Leah
3           Maria Brockway
4           Angela Peerless
5           Anthony Brockway
6           Lyn Ebbrell
7           Mary Sinnott
8           Pauline Roberts
9           Andy Waring
10          Ben Peerless
11          John Peerless
12          Kyle Lines
13          Margaret Delaney
14          Brian Lines
15          Lesley Lines
16          Lawrie Brown
17          Maria Haigh
18          Chris Champney

2016 Handicaps


Twice a year we gather for a club handicap, we have summer and winter handicaps.  The race is around 5k, perhaps a little less.

Runners set off at different times, according to their best 5k time, and the idea is that we all finish at roundabout the same time and the first person to reach the finish line is the winner.

Handicaps are such hard work that it is usually necessary for us to enjoy a meal together afterwards.